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Food and Chefs

Baked Alaska’s history is one of science and decadence (The National Culinary Review, 2020)
Culinary Apprenticeship Moves into the Modern Era (, 2019)
What Certifications Do I Need to Become a Chef? (, 2019)
An American First-Timer's View of the Bocuse d'Or (National Culinary Review, 2019)
Culinary Apprenticeship is Coming Back — And For Good Reason (Sizzle Magazine, 2019)
Culinary School Wasn't in the Cards. They Became Cooks Anyway. (We Are Chefs, 2018)
The Cheesiest Items on Jacksonville Menus (Jacksonville Magazine's Taste, 2018)
How Coffee goes from Bean to Brew (Jacksonville Magazine, 2017)
A Cut Above - Every type of pizza you can eat in Jacksonville, Florida (Jacksonville Magazine, 2016)


The arts community in Jax is being challenged, changed and led by women (Jacksonville Magazine, 2019)
Peek inside this completely restored Avondale home built in 1910 (Jacksonville Magazine's Home, 2018)
Florida's Drowned Forest (Jacksonville Magazine, 2017)
Our Disappearing Wild Spaces (Jacksonville Magazine, 2017)
Unearthing belt buckles, bling and bargains at Pecan Park Flea Market (Jacksonville Magazine, 2017)
Between Wind and Water: The Vulnerable Florida Manatee (Jacksonville Magazine, 2016)

Celebrity & athlete interviews

Jaguar rookie Jaydon Mickens helps lead team to post-season play (Jacksonville Magazine, 2018)
Talking shop with The Lion King costume supervisor Gregory Young (Jacksonville Magazine, 2018)
First Coast News reporter Lindsey Boetsch sees life's sunny side (Jacksonville Magazine, 2016)
Jax Native RJ Cyler on his role as the Blue Power Ranger (Jacksonville Magazine, 2016)
A Chat with actress and singer Martina Sykes (Jacksonville Magazine, 2016)
He's famous for improv, but Wayne Brady definitely has a plan(Jacksonville Magazine, 2016)
Olympian Chris Plys walks us through the finer points of curling(Jacksonville Magazine, 2016)
Comedian Jim Breuer is a Marriage Warrior(Jacksonville Magazine, 2016)
Talking sports and stunts with actor Patrick Heusinger (Jacksonville Magazine, 2016)
NFL defensive end Andre Branch dishes on his teammates (Ultimate Guide to the Jaguars, 2014)

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